White Wine

Mikasa White Wine glasses come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  Experts will argue that the glass styles vary from Chardonnay glasses to Champagne flutes, however, in this site we categorize Champagne flutes in their own category.

The reason that Mikasa offers a wide variety of white wine glasses is because of the fact that different shaped glasses are used for different styles and different tastes of white wines.  As discussed on our red wine page, the wider the bowl, the more the glass is intended to oxidize the wine that is within it.

Most Mikasa white wine glasses contain a smaller mouth to reduce the surface area of the glass. The reduced surface are of the wine glass helps decrease the rate of oxidation and preserve the initial flavors.  Both red and white wines are drunk differently.  One is served cold, while the other is served at room temperature.  Similarly, red wines are meant to be oxidized while white wines are intended to be drunk as is.

If you are looking for Mikasa white wineglasses browse the selection and find the right set of glasses for you and your home!