Red Wine

Mikasa red wine glasses typically contain wide bowls that help increase the exposure the wine gets to the air.  The increased exposure that Mikasa red wine glasses get helps increase the rate of oxidation. Red wines are full of a wide variety of complex flavors.  As the wine is exposed to air and is allowed to oxidize the flavor and aroma changes over time.
For some wine enthusiasts a different wine glass is necessary for each varietal.  For most people a standard red wine glass is acceptable, however, there are two styles that should be noted:
  1. Bordeaux Glass - this glass is typically for red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah
  2. Burgundy Glass - this glass is typically for red wines like Pinot Noir
Mikasa contains a wide variety of wine glasses.  Some for both the wine enthusiast and the casual drinker.  Check out the selection and find the red wine glasses that are right for you!