Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mikasa Wine Glasses

Mikasa Wine Glasses are known for their beautifully crafted, yet durable stemware.  Mikasa offers a wide variety of crystal glassware for both red and white wines.  Each wine glass is composed of three different pieces: the stem, the bowl, and the foot.  Mikasa offers stunning glassware that has unique features for each piece creating a wide variety of beautiful unique styles.  Whether it is the fourth of July or Christmas Day, Mikasa wine glasses are appropriate for any occasion.

Mikasa Wine Glass Styles

Mikasa Wine Glasses come in a wide variety of styles.  Some of which include:
  • Pinstripes
  • Horizontal Lines
  • Circles
  • Swirls

How to Properly Hold a Wine Glass

It is generally accepted that proper wine ettiqutte is to hold the wine glass by the stem when drinking.  There are two main reasons for this.  The first reason being that the drinker wants to avoid putting finger prints on the bowl of the glass.  The second thought being that holding the wine glass by the bowl can transfer heat to the wine altering its temperature.

Red Wine Glasses vs. White Wine Glasses

When it comes to wine glasses Mikasa has it all, but what is the difference between the two glasses?  Red wine glasses typically have a rounder, and wider bowl.  The wide bowl helps the wine oxidize with the air.  The oxidation process helps the wine "breath."  This is typically not an issue for white wines, which are less complex and do not need wider bowls for the wine to oxidize
Styles for any occasion, Mikasa Wine Glasses are a must for any home.

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